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Stories, as mentioned in a my previous post, are a powerful way for you to connect with your listeners. Stories are a powerful way to illustrate your point and will allow you to connect with your audience. Stories that are funny or entertaining will keep you audience’s attention. But a story that also makes a point, has a message or shares a lesson, will make a difference to your audience. And after all, isn’t that the main reason why you speak? So what are the best kinds of stories? The answer is personal stories. Below are three plus reasons why personal stories are the best stories.

Personal Stories

Kinking the Winning GoalMessage

Can you remember a moment of success or failure in your life. Did you learn something from those moments? Did someone make you aware of something? Those are your personal stories. Those stories are the best stories. Why? Because they have a point, a message and a gift for you audience.


Credibility, Memorability & Connectibility


Personal stories are effective because they are heart felt, authentic and credible. Besides, you have probably told them numerous times, honed them and are now easy to remember and tell. And the best personal stories are the ones from some time ago, stories from your childhood. And that’s because you remember them for a reason. Whatever that reason is, it will connect with and have an impact on your audience.



Note, that while your personal
stories need to be essentially UK Driver's Licencetrue and credible, you do have license to embellish them. That is to introduce slight changes to enhance them for a greater
impact and clarity of your point or message. It will also make them more memorable for your listeners. Yes, your partner will correct you, but tell them I said it’s ok.

A personal story is the best kind of story to help you connect with your audience.

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Speak to connect, and make a difference.

Author: Henk van den Bergen

I have been speaking on Champagne for 20 years and decided to improve my speaking skills by joining Toastmasters International 13 year ago. I'm still a member today and I'm passionate about sharing what I’ve learned. I’m also proud to be the 1998 “Vin de Champagne Award” winner and being a three time Australian finalist in the International Speech contest.

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