Master of Ceremonies – MC – Emcee

Genial Master of Ceremonies
This blog is to help people who have been asked to be the Master of Ceremonies for a function. I have also included a section for Toastmasters, to help them with the meeting toastmaster (MC) role.

Possibly, you might have been asked to MC a function because you get on well with people. Or maybe, you are a confident person and have a good sense of humour. Sometimes you get asked because you’re well know, have some public speaking experience or you volunteered for the role. Whatever the reason, it’s quite an honour. If you pull it of successfully, it can set you up as a can-do and go-to person. And it doesn’t really matter if the function is a wedding, a funeral or a company event. Whatever it is, the principles behind MCing an event is  Continue reading “Master of Ceremonies – MC – Emcee”