Impromptu Speaking

Why impromptu speaking or speaking off the cuff? Well, have you ever had a job interview? Did you nail it? Do you gravitate towards people you all ready know, or do you enjoy meeting new people and finding out all about them? One last question, have you ever gone blank during a presentation? Ok, you get the general idea. But impromptu speaking skills come in handy even if you only need to introduce someone, introducing your song or proposing a toast.

One of my friends was telling us about his opinion on a political topic over a coffee. I was amazed Continue reading “Impromptu Speaking”

Better Speech Evaluations

Evaluation Check Box Form


The thing about evaluations is that you evaluate everyday. You evaluate things, people and your own performances. Evaluation is a form of constructive feedback and it needs to include a predominance of positives, or strengths, as well as areas for improvement. It’s the same with speech evaluations. Note that evaluating is not judging, coaching or criticising. It’s constructive feedback. And even then, it’s only your opinion. The techniques you’ll learn in this blog, works. Especially when my wife wants me to do something. This stuff is so powerful, that it will help you deal with your colleagues, your family and your partners. It’s the reason why it is considered Continue reading “Better Speech Evaluations”

Speak to Connect


Connecting Bridge

Speak to Connect is what my blog is all about. Someone once said that, when it comes to public speaking, there’s a huge gap between the speaker and the audience, and it’s the speaker’s job to build a bridge between the two. That is, it’s the speaker’s role to Speak to Connect and to make that difference.

I attended the semi-finals of the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking in Las Vegas in 2011. Continue reading “Speak to Connect”