Table Topics Master

Table Topics Cards


Toastmasters, without question is one of the leading international communication and leadership organisations. At their meetings they have an impromptu segment called Table Topics or an impromptu speaking segment. This segment is led by the Table Topics Master. This post is to help the Table Topics Master excel at their role. Non-toastmasters can gain an insight into the skills that might help them run a similar segment. Also, check out my post on being the Masters of Ceremonies.

Table Topics Master’s Role

The role is a leadership role and you are in a way taking on the Master of Ceremonies role Continue reading “Table Topics Master”

Stage Use and Anchoring

Stage with Anchor on the Side  

Have you ever witnessed a speaker take the stage really animated, with lots of energy, excitement and enthusiasm? I remember one speaker like that and he was using all of the stage, connecting with all of the audience members. I thought at the time, “Wow! This guy is really good.” However,  Continue reading “Stage Use and Anchoring”

Speak Up – Microphone Use

Handheld Microphone


When you were a teenager, did you belt out your favourite pop song holding a hairbrush to your mouth? What’s with that? Yet, I bet it made you feel like a star, made you feel powerful. A real microphone can give you that same power, authority and impact that all presenters seek. As the famous American TV personality, Willard Scott once said, Continue reading “Speak Up – Microphone Use”

Body Language

Kathakali fault dancing from Kerala, India, is all about body language.

The second we take the stage, before you even open your mouth; people will form an opinion about you. Not fair? Maybe not, however it’s a reality. We are hard-wired that way.

Body language is all about non-verbal communication. You may have heard of the 3 Vs of public speaking, Verbal, Continue reading “Body Language”

Foundational Phrase

Yes, We Can Poster with Obama

What is a foundation phrase? If you’re an Australian, and you hear, Small Music Note“Puts a rose in every cheek!”, you probably, immediately remember the advertising jingle that promoted Vegemite. Mind you, I hate the stuff. But that’s beside the point. I also suspect that in every English speaking country, they’ll know  Continue reading “Foundational Phrase”

The Fear of Public Speaking

Smiling Cheshire CatWhat does the fear of public speaking have to do with connecting with your audience? Well, when you take the stage smiling, looking confident and comfortable, the audience will immediately relax, knowing that they are in good hands. That is, you’ll connect.


The Secret

The first secret you need to know is that most people can’t Continue reading “The Fear of Public Speaking”