Making Statistics Meaningful

Statistics are boring

Complex Mathematical Formula

Presenting statistics without making them clear, impactful or meaningful, is boring. On their own, statistics are just numbers. You, as the presenter, have to make them meaningful, relatable and memorable.

Bring Size to Life

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PowerPoint Resurrection

Resurrection Tomb with Powerpoint Icon Rising

Enhancing Your Presentation using PowerPoint

PowerPoint, or any other equivalent program, is a powerful tool to help you organize your presentations.

Main PointsRed PowerPoint Icon

) You are the presentation, not the PowerPoint.
) Connect with your audience.
) PowerPoint is a visual medium, so use more images than points to make PP truly powerful.
) When selecting, think whether it adds or detracts. ) Sometimes, less is more.


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Business Presentations

boring-conferenceMost company CEOs and team leaders when presenting information, present a data dump. When you suggest that they use stories to illustrate their points, their thinking, “Hey, this information is serious business.” I say, “Yea, so serious, that everybody is bored to snore”; putting it politely. When you present a data dump, there’s no connection and the audience switches off.

I think the reason most company presenters stick to PowerPoint presentations is because Continue reading “Business Presentations”