Master of Ceremonies – MC – Emcee

Genial Master of Ceremonies

This blog is to help people who have been asked to be the Master of Ceremonies for a function.

I have also included a section for Toastmasters, to help them with the meeting toastmaster (MC) role.

Possibly, you might have been asked to MC a function because you get on well with people. Or maybe, you are a confident person and have a good sense of humour. Sometimes you get asked because you’re well know or have some public speaking experience or you volunteered for the role. Whatever the reason, it’s quite an honour. If you pull it off successfully, it can set you up as a can-do and go-to person.

It doesn’t really matter if the function is a wedding, a funeral or a company event. Whatever it is, the principles behind MCing an event is  Continue reading “Master of Ceremonies – MC – Emcee”

Speak Up – Microphone Use

Handheld Microphone


When you were a teenager, did you belt out your favourite pop song holding a hairbrush to your mouth? What’s with that? Yet, I bet it made you feel like a star, made you feel powerful. A real microphone can give you that same power, authority and impact that all presenters seek. As the famous American TV personality, Willard Scott once said, Continue reading “Speak Up – Microphone Use”

Speech Preparation, Practice & Rehearsal

Girl seeing success in Word Balloon

There’s preparation, practice and rehearsal. Preparing involves putting your ideas together. Practicing is developing your speech actively and verbally. Rehearsal is presenting your final version over and over again to memorise all aspects of your speech. Whether you are a sports person, a musician or speaker, you know Continue reading “Speech Preparation, Practice & Rehearsal”

Impromptu Speaking

Why impromptu speaking or speaking off the cuff? Well, have you ever had a job interview? Did you nail it? Do you gravitate towards people you all ready know, or do you enjoy meeting new people and finding out all about them? One last question, have you ever gone blank during a presentation? Ok, you get the general idea. But impromptu speaking skills come in handy even if you only need to introduce someone, introducing your song or proposing a toast.

One of my friends was telling us about his opinion on a political topic over a coffee. I was amazed Continue reading “Impromptu Speaking”

Better Speech Evaluations

Evaluation Check Box Form


The thing about evaluations is that you evaluate everyday. You evaluate things, people and your own performances. Evaluation is a form of constructive feedback and it needs to include a predominance of positives, or strengths, as well as areas for improvement. It’s the same with speech evaluations. Note that evaluating is not judging, coaching or criticising. It’s constructive feedback. And even then, it’s only your opinion. The techniques you’ll learn in this blog, works. Especially when my wife wants me to do something. This stuff is so powerful, that it will help you deal with your colleagues, your family and your partners. It’s the reason why it is considered Continue reading “Better Speech Evaluations”

Body Language

Kathakali fault dancing from Kerala, India, is all about body language.

The second we take the stage, before you even open your mouth; people will form an opinion about you. Not fair? Maybe not, however it’s a reality. We are hard-wired that way.

Body language is all about non-verbal communication. You may have heard of the 3 Vs of public speaking, Verbal, Continue reading “Body Language”

Foundational Phrase

Yes, We Can Poster with Obama

What is a foundation phrase? If you’re an Australian, and you hear, Small Music Note“Puts a rose in every cheek!”, you probably, immediately remember the advertising jingle that promoted Vegemite. Mind you, I hate the stuff. But that’s beside the point. I also suspect that in every English speaking country, they’ll know  Continue reading “Foundational Phrase”