Business Presentations

boring-conferenceMost company CEOs and team leaders when presenting information, present a data dump. When you suggest that they use stories to illustrate their points, their thinking, “Hey, this information is serious business.” I say, “Yea, so serious, that everybody is bored to snore”; putting it politely. When you present a data dump, there’s no connection and the audience switches off.

I think the reason most company presenters stick to PowerPoint presentations is because Continue reading “Business Presentations”

The Fear of Public Speaking

Smiling Cheshire CatWhat does the fear of public speaking have to do with connecting with your audience? Well, when you take the stage smiling, looking confident and comfortable, the audience will immediately relax, knowing that they are in good hands. That is, you’ll connect.


The Secret

The first secret you need to know is that most people can’t Continue reading “The Fear of Public Speaking”