Speak to Connect


Connecting Bridge

Speak to Connect is what my blog is all about. Someone once said that, when it comes to public speaking, there’s a huge gap between the speaker and the audience, and it’s the speaker’s job to build a bridge between the two. That is, it’s the speaker’s role to Speak to Connect and to make that difference.

I attended the semi-finals of the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking in Las Vegas in 2011. Continue reading “Speak to Connect”

Story Structure

In one of my previous posts, I discuss how stories are a powerful way of making or illustrating your point and to get your message across and accepted. This post consists of a recommended story structure for speeches. It applies whether it’s a single story speech, or one of a number of stories within a speech.

Below is a condensed version of my seven-minute speech that I’ll be referring to when explaining story structure.


Dragon's Back Mountain in Malaysia
Dragon’s Back Mountain, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Wall

Have you ever been faced with “The Wall”, or a seemingly Continue reading “Story Structure”